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Highly flexible assembly line

Flexible and scalable assembly line
Flexible and scalable assembly line

Schaeffler’s Special Machinery department offers partially automated facilities that can be adapted to meet customer-specific requirements in terms of capacity thanks to a high degree of modularity and scalability.

Continuous improvement

Together with our customers, we continuously analyze existing processes and concepts, identify potential for optimization, and thus improve their competitiveness in the long term.

Manufacturing of various transmission types on a single machine

Thanks to the combination of compact assembly and inspection modules, various transmission types can be manufactured in mixed operation on a single machine. Our machine design based on the lean principles enables the efficient deployment of personnel and short setup times. Additionally, innovative workpiece carriers allow the position of the conveyed components to be changed to all working planes. We can thus ensure optimum workpiece positioning for lean processes.

Gearbox assembly on a flexible workpiece carrier transfer system
Gearbox assembly on a flexible workpiece carrier transfer system
Gearbox prepared for EOL inspection
Gearbox prepared for EOL inspection

High-performance end-of-line inspections for electric axle transmission systems

This fully automatic inspection system performs several complex tasks. The core task is to carry out inspections of the transmission system’s function, acoustic properties, drag torque, and parking lock. Additionally, the level of efficiency of each transmission is determined in individual performance tests.

The transmission is automatically filled with oil, emptied after the inspection process, and the residual oil quantity is determined in order to simulate the real conditions of the individual application. The preload and bearing clearance of the transmission bearings are also individually adjusted for the relevant product type.


The low-vibration design and damping behavior of the frame made from special concrete allow highly precise acoustic tests to be carried out with a high repeat accuracy. The integration of temperature compensation also enables precise measurements of the level of efficiency. Efficient energy management of the system is ensured through the internal recovery of electrical energy.

State-of-the-art production technologies for electric mobility

This production facility for complex electromechanical drive systems allows hybrid modules to be reliably assembled and inspected in outstanding quality. The line combines technologically challenging, fully automated processes such as the magnetization of rotor magnets, the multi-dimensional compensation of imbalance, and functional testing of the entire performance range with ergonomically optimized manual workstations.

Innovation is what drives us

We continuously strive for improvement, optimize our production systems, and develop new technologies. We leverage synergies through close cooperation with our partners and various universities and research institutes around the world in order to find the right application for your production requirements.

Manual leak testing of hybrid modules
Manual leak testing of hybrid modules
ASTRAIOS is one of the most modern and most powerful test rigs for large-size bearings in the world.
ASTRAIOS is one of the most modern and most powerful test rigs for large-size bearings in the world.

ASTRAIOS large-size bearing test rig

Schaeffler developed the ASTRAIOS large-size bearing test rig, on which bearings weighing up to 15 tons and with outside diameters of up to 3.5 meters can be tested. With its realistic force and moment simulation, ASTRAIOS has been providing valuable results since 2011, which are used for the new development of bearing solutions and for the optimization of simulation and calculation models.

This leads to a better understanding of the overall system, influencing factors, and interrelations. Schaeffler is thus making a major contribution to shortening development times for wind turbines as well as making the design process more reliable and increasing the cost-effectiveness and safety of these turbines for customers.

Maximum efficiency

Outstandingly high levels of dynamics thanks to a directly driven workpiece carrier transfer system
Outstandingly high levels of dynamics thanks to a directly driven workpiece carrier transfer system

With the latest generation of production facilities for noise-sensitive high precision bearings, we have integrated the short-cycle assembly processes of a high-volume assembly line and time-intensive inspections into a combined assembly and inspection line. This allows the number of handling steps to be minimized, inventories between the processes to be eliminated, and the setup times for small batch sizes to be reduced.

This is made possible by the targeted use of a flexible, highly-dynamic free-flowing workpiece carrier transfer system that ensures short workpiece transfer times for a high system output. Processes that are relevant for the cycle time are also multiplied in a simple and space-saving manner.

Breaking new ground

We provide our customers with direct support on site worldwide in analyzing their automation potential. As a system integrator, we devise and implement application solutions for human-robot collaboration (HRC) – from planning, development and realization through to final CE certification.

Our product portfolio ranges from lean pick-and-place applications to highly-complex force-controlled assembly processes using cobots.


Through the use of cobots, we are able to design cost-effective and flexible production processes for our customers. Cobots are an easy-to-use solution that can be rapidly integrated into production and directly relieve employees of repetitive and strenuous activities.

Cost-effective process equipping by means of a collaborative robot
Cost-effective process equipping by means of a collaborative robot

Highest level of expertise in infeed, transportation, and buffering

High-performance feeding system for chain link plates
High-performance feeding system for chain link plates

Handling technology is another core element of our product portfolio. We offer our customers the highest level of expertise in technology for the infeed, transportation, and buffering of manufactured parts. Our feed systems can be used to supply the assembly machines developed by us as well as various types of machining centers from the entire value added chain of a component.

We offer feed systems that are optimally matched to the production requirements of our customers:

  • Vibratory conveyors with interchangeable tools for a wide range of parts
  • Linear sorting systems for feed tasks involving different small contours and medium quantity requirements
  • Centrifugal conveyors with a conveying capacity of up to 1,400 parts per minute

Modular grinding and honing machine systems

Machining of rolling bearings with a vertical spindle
Machining of rolling bearings with a vertical spindle

Regardless of whether they are used in volume production or for machining small quantities, our vertical grinding and honing machines are compact, highly modular complete systems.

We are setting the benchmark when it comes to manufacturing high precision workpieces in the shortest possible cycle time with these specially developed machine systems that ensure reliable machining of small to medium-sized parts. The high degree of automation of our machining centers facilitates the design of lean production lines. Machine operators also benefit from the user-friendly and intuitive operation of our systems.

High precision for exacting requirements

For over 60 years, we have been successfully developing and manufacturing high precision machining centers for a wide range of customer requirements. We are continuing this success story with our vertical grinding and honing machine series that deliver impressive precision.


Regardless of whether it’s flexible small-volume production or a high-output machine, manual or fully automatic – we will find the right solution for you. Just contact us to see what we can do for you.

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